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Could I be gut honest for a moment? Many of us have been praying for awakening and revival for a long time. As our nation grows spiritually darker, the need for renewal blazes brighter. What’s being called a revival broke out at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, on February 8, 2023. As of this writing,…

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Last week I had the honor of guest blogging for Karen Clarkson Friday (Karen ‘Girl’ Friday, @FridayKaren). The blog summarized my book, Pursuing Prayer, by giving a short review of each chapter, or each letter of the prayer acrostic in the book. One of those letters is R for “Remember His Deeds,” which I think…

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Don’t Forget to Remember

According to an article in Psychology Today, we remember what we want to. That’s hard for me because I’m very forgetful. I always have been. My ADD brain is usually thinking of a hundreds of things at once, so it can take a while for me to get through the haystack in my mind. I’m…

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