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Is There Hope for America?

Hi Friends, Do you ever feel discouraged or hopeless for America? There sure is a whole lot of crazy going on. Is there hope for America? Is there anything we can do, or have things gone too far? For sure, we are in a spiritual war, as it says in Ephesians 6:12 – For we…

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Urgent Prayer Request

Video version of this blog here. Dear Friends, I am coming to you with an urgent prayer request. Would you pray for my friend who is very sick with cancer, and recently it has become much more aggressive. She is in intensive care and they are not offering much hope. She is a very special…

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Yo-Yo Love

Yo-Yo Love The yo-yo is known to be the second oldest toy in history, the baby doll being the first. The first yo-yo’s were made of clay and may have been used as weapons. No one really knows who started using the yo-yo as a toy, but it’s most often credited to a Filipino named…

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