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Bread and Water, Please.

What’s your favorite fresh bread at a restaurant? Mine used to be at Longhorn Steakhouse, before I had to go gluten free. Warm, honey wheat bread with soft, sweet butter. Yum! (Sorry if I’m making your mouth water.) One bite will have you craving more. You just can’t stop eating it. And they’ll bring all…

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Whose Will Be Done?

Your Will be Done… Matthew 6:10 We live quite far from most of our grandchildren, so our visits with them are extended ones with sleepovers, lots of treats and movie watching. My husband and I recently visited our son and daughter-in-law, four-year-old grandson Jensen and two-month-old granddaughter Indie in Australia. Two weeks of play was…

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Don’t Forget to Remember

According to an article in Psychology Today, we remember what we want to. That’s hard for me because I’m very forgetful. I always have been. My ADD brain is usually thinking of a hundreds of things at once, so it can take a while for me to get through the haystack in my mind. I’m…

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