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Re-imagine Prayer

Here we are–already past Thanksgiving and on to Christmas (well, some of you were on to Christmas before Thanksgiving). I hope you found many blessings for which to give thanks to the Lord. One of the things I was blessed with recently is the opportunity to be interviewed on the Reimagine Network. It got me…

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Ten Christmas Decorations and Their Meaning

Ten Christmas Decorations and Their Meaning There’s just something about Christmas decorations. The ambiance of stringed lights warm the heart like a flickering fire, and sparkly ribbons on packages stir anticipation and joy. Don’t we all love to drive through neighborhoods to view people’s creative light displays? We’re naturally drawn to light. It makes us…

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Peace on Earth is Not Cancelled

A wall hanging at Hobby Lobby gripped my attention last week. The round, six-inch plaque simply said, “Peace on earth.” A cynical part of me scoffed, yeah right. What peace? Is peace on earth even possible? We see anything but peace today – political unrest, rebellion against the things of God, religious liberty threatened, heightened…

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