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What Is Truth?

In our recent podcast, Seeds of Hope, my friend Del and I talked about the game Two Truths and a Lie. Have you played it, where you tell two things that are true and one lie about yourself, and hearers must choose which is the lie? We discussed truth on another episode as well. Pilot…

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Do You Need a Praycation?

Do You Need a Praycation? Who doesn’t need a reprieve from all the news lately? Who would not like to run away and stick their head in the sand right about now? I admit, I can get quite caught up in it all. I research everything, and it can be a bit disturbing as I…

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Pursuing Prayer Proactively

“There’s a satanic lullaby here,” a Christian Iranian wife said. “All the churches here are sleepy.” But she wasn’t talking about the churches in Iran. Surprisingly, the church in Iran is the fastest growing church in the world. Yes, you heard that right. According to an article on, “Fastest Growing Church Has No Buildings…,”…

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