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Here we are–already past Thanksgiving and on to Christmas (well, some of you were on to Christmas before Thanksgiving). I hope you found many blessings for which to give thanks to the Lord. One of the things I was blessed with recently is the opportunity to be interviewed on the Reimagine Network. It got me thinking about the word  “re-imagine.”

I love the word re-imagine. It’s full of hope. It inspires renewed perspective and positive change. What would you like to re-imagine?  And as you re-imagine that thing, what can you begin to do to see a positive change? Re-imagine…one step at a time.

Many of the interview questions made me think about re-imagining prayer, specifically The Lord’s Prayer. A lot of us have been reciting The Lord’s Prayer all our life. But what did Jesus really mean when He said, “Pray then like this” (Matthew 6:9)?

Did He mean for us to recite it?

What exactly is daily bread?

How do we not be led into temptation, and how can we be delivered from evil?

What do these things mean for us today?

And finally, if Jesus already knows what we need before we ask Him (Matthew 6:8), why do we have to pray?

If you could re-imagine prayer, what would it look like? Would it have to do with all your requests being granted, or might it make the way you pray different? Or, something else?

Let’s re-imagine what Jesus taught when the disciples asked Him to teach them to pray.

Could there be something that would make our prayers more “effective” (James 5:16)?

Perhaps we need to re-examine the Lord’s Prayer in order to “re-imagine” prayer, which is what I’ve done in the book Pursuing Prayer.

The link to the interview is below. I hope it blesses you and you learn a little something more about prayer that makes you “re-imagine” your prayer life and want to dig deeper.

Interview: Chat With the Author


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If you would like to dig deeper, I invite you to Pursuing Prayer – Being Effective in a Busy World.

My passion is for us all to re-imagine and re-ignite our prayer lives and change our world. If you’d like to re-ignite your prayer life with a new personal devotional or group Bible study, would you consider Pursuing Prayer? I’d love you to share it with friends and family (gift idea?) so they too can re-imagine prayer in a world that desperately needs more prayer.

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  1. Judy Mitchell on November 30, 2022 at 5:20 pm

    Thank you Penny. This encourages me to continue my prayer time but to also think a little outside the box with my prayers.
    You truly inspire me all the time.

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