What is True Freedom?

By Penny Cooke | July 5, 2022

Happy Birthday, USA! We just celebrated another 4th of July – Independence Day – 246 years of freedom for the most amazing country, America! But many today believe our freedoms are in danger. Indeed, there have always been threats to this freedom. It isn’t free and it isn’t easy. We must always stand up for…

Prayer Strategies for Busy Moms and Other News

By Penny Cooke | June 22, 2022

Dear Friends, My hope and prayer is that you will be encouraged, inspired, and built up in your faith through what I share. They say we should do an occasional newsletter, so here’s what’s happening in my writing journey–all to help you find something that will encourage you and give you hope.   First, I…

Ideas for this National Day of Prayer

By Penny Cooke | May 5, 2022

Have you ever had trouble praying? Maybe you’ve felt tired of praying the same thing for a very long time like I have, or perhaps you’re not sure what or how to pray in certain situations; or you have doubts whether or not prayer works. We all have had these struggles at one time or…

What Is Truth?

By Penny Cooke | March 31, 2022

In our recent podcast, Seeds of Hope, my friend Del and I talked about the game Two Truths and a Lie. Have you played it, where you tell two things that are true and one lie about yourself, and hearers must choose which is the lie? We discussed truth on another episode as well. Pilot…

The Power of Love

By Penny Cooke | February 15, 2022

The worst had happened. I laid awake all night thinking, crying and praying. God, I never wanted this, and I certainly don’t want it for my kids. I wasn’t happy either, but I did not want to break up my family. I wanted to work on my marriage, but my husband had decided he wanted…

A Happy Ending

By Penny Cooke | February 8, 2022

As we all know too well, not every story has a happy ending. So I thought we could use one. If you follow me on social media*, you may have seen some posts about my friend Jerry. Jerry recently went through a three-month “to hell and back” battle with the virus, with double pneumonia. I…

Your Resolution Solution

By Penny Cooke | January 27, 2022

I wasn’t going to talk about resolutions. Studies show about 80% of people who make them fail. I’ve been there. Have you? So why do we make them? They tend to reveal how flawed we are that we even need a resolution, and the idea that we can’t keep them further demonstrates that point. I…

Ten Christmas Decorations and Their Meaning

By Penny Cooke | December 9, 2021

Ten Christmas Decorations and Their Meaning There’s just something about Christmas decorations. The ambiance of stringed lights warm the heart like a flickering fire, and sparkly ribbons on packages stir anticipation and joy. Don’t we all love to drive through neighborhoods to view people’s creative light displays? We’re naturally drawn to light. It makes us…

A Mess of Stress

By Penny Cooke | October 15, 2021

Does life feel like a mess of stress lately? We’re living in a time of heightened anxiety, how do we find calm? The top five major stressors of life – death, divorce, moving, illness and job loss – have come together to create the perfect storm. Even the lesser anxieties have blown in to join the…

Do You Need Hope?

By Penny Cooke | October 8, 2021

Dear Friends, Do you need hope? We seem to be living in a soap opera these days, don’t we? Is there any hope? And if so, how can we have it when things look so hopeless? Where do we find hope? My author friend Del Bates and I give some insight on our radio show…

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