God’s will

Our Last Minute God

Were you taught to not wait until the last minute, maybe for studying for a test, finishing a project or leaving for an appointment? Some people can’t stand the stress it will cause, while others live off the adrenaline rush they require to get things done. My husband recently asked me why I waited til…

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Prayer Is Not Cancelled!

It’s been a grueling year, hasn’t it? As though the virus and lockdowns weren’t enough, the presidential campaign has been just as disturbing. I know we’re all worn out. Perhaps we could use a little encouragement, and there’s no better place to find it than through prayer and God’s Word. There’s only one thing on…

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Whose Will Be Done?

Your Will be Done… Matthew 6:10 We live quite far from most of our grandchildren, so our visits with them are extended ones with sleepovers, lots of treats and movie watching. My husband and I recently visited our son and daughter-in-law, four-year-old grandson Jensen and two-month-old granddaughter Indie in Australia. Two weeks of play was…

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