bread of life

Re-imagine Prayer

Here we are–already past Thanksgiving and on to Christmas (well, some of you were on to Christmas before Thanksgiving). I hope you found many blessings for which to give thanks to the Lord. One of the things I was blessed with recently is the opportunity to be interviewed on the Reimagine Network. It got me…

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Are You Missing Out?

Watch/listen to video of this blog here: YouTube I hate to miss a good time, don’t you? When I was a young girl, I would sit at the top of the stairs listening to the conversation coming from the kitchen when my parents had company. Occasionally, I would hear, “Penny, get in bed!” But I…

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Bread and Water, Please.

What’s your favorite fresh bread at a restaurant? Mine used to be at Longhorn Steakhouse, before I had to go gluten free. Warm, honey wheat bread with soft, sweet butter. Yum! (Sorry if I’m making your mouth water.) One bite will have you craving more. You just can’t stop eating it. And they’ll bring all…

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