Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed lately? Sometimes things just seem to be too much. Whether due to physical ailments, financial or relational situations, our to-do lists running off the page, or the state of our country and world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Many things seem out of our control, and it can discourage and…

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Keep Praying

What do we do when life is messed up? What do we do when things seem worse instead of better? Life can be that way sometimes. Jesus told us in the world we would have troubles, and that He would overcome (John 16:33). But what do we do in the meantime? It’s interesting to look…

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A Mess of Stress

Does life feel like a mess of stress lately? We’re living in a time of heightened anxiety, how do we find calm? The top five major stressors of life – death, divorce, moving, illness and job loss – have come together to create the perfect storm. Even the lesser anxieties have blown in to join the…

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