Encouraging and Supporting You on Your Path of Life and Faith

Encouraging and Supporting You on Your Path of Life and Faith

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

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I’m so glad you came by. I love visitors and I hope you’ll stay a while and come back often here in my on line home. Pour a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get to know each other. My desire is to encourage you with the Word of God and prayer for this battle we call life. Won’t you join me?

Pursuing Prayer - Being Effective in a Busy World

Are you busy, distracted, in need of help to fit prayer into your daily routine? Do you struggle with prayer? What if we prayed more fervently, resulting in turning our lives, our families, our schools and our nation around?

Many books teach about prayer and how to pray, but this practical multi-award-winning book, will move us to implement prayer regularly and consistently to deepen our relationship with the Lord.

2020 Selah Award winner, Bible Study category

Coming soon!

The Wake-up Prayer children's picture book!

Join Bear and Doodles as Momma teaches them "Now I wake me up from sleep..."

Pursuing Prayer for America - 30 Battle Cries Using Scripture to Lift America in Prayer

Are you discouraged by what's going on in our nation and world? We are not without hope! Jesus said, "Always pray, and don't lose heart." Pursuing Prayer for America is a collection of prayers based on Scripture to help us pray powerfully and effectively for America's healing.

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What others are saying about Pursuing Prayer – Being Effective in a Busy World:

Very helpful and practical book about prayer!

Elizabeth H.

This book is a God-send! What an amazing reminder it is of our basic, essential need and God’s design for an intimate, committed prayer life! It is full of practical illustrations and steps you can take to recharge or begin a healthy, powerful prayer lifestyle. It offers simple, easy to accomplish suggestions to help you ensure that prayer becomes a daily priority. This book is a must-read, and would make a wonderful gift or Bible study!

Jane O.

Pursuing Prayer is such a practical and theologically sound study that has enriched my prayer life while challenging and motivating me to be a stronger woman and prayer warrior. Penny Cooke's warm and welcoming writing style makes you feel as if she is sitting right next to you speaking straight to your heart every time you open her book.
This book not only taught me some great things about prayer and helped me refocus my thoughts in this area it challenged me. It was thought provoking and had some tough chapters about confessing our sins and yielding to God's will that made me not just reflect on those areas of my life but realize the importance of them.
This is an excellent study for the person new to prayer and seeking to learn more, the person trying to fit their prayer life into a busy life or the person just wanting to refresh and refocus their already existing prayer life. This book has been an absolute gift to my heart and soul.

Karen H.

I love it, it's very engaging. Each day is full and rich and meaty with thought-provoking questions and comforting verses. It was hard to put down.

Karen C.

I'm enjoying this fresh new study of prayer, and I'm using some of the author's ideas for intentionally improving my prayer time. "Pursuing Prayer" is well-organized with four lessons per week, a review lesson, and an optional "Digging Deeper" lesson. As I read, I feel like the writer is talking to me and leading me to deeper study with Scripture, guiding questions, stories, and practical examples. This book would be excellent if you are new to prayer, yet it is challenging enough to help all readers deepen their understanding. I recommend it for individual or group study.

Jeannie W.

This book is just simply outstanding! Penny has great knowledge of God’s word and and allows the reader to feel God‘s presence and therefore transformed by his love. If you wish to acquire a deeper level of prayer with God, I highly recommend the outstanding resource!

Lee Ann M.

Talk about a wakeup call... I am only on day 5 of this book and I find myself praying more. Shame on me for thinking I was always too busy to spend a lot of time in prayer 🙁 Now my goal is to make my busyness in prayer and watch what God has in store for me and those that are in my prayers. God Is Good!!

Tracy B.

This book is changing my life one day at a time and is deepening my understanding of prayer. Using scripture, personal testimony, and tough love, Penny opens up what the Bible teaches with her P.R.A.Y.E.R. acrostic. I encourage everyone to use this study for group or individual study.

Jennifer B.

Excellent. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity for God to show us ourselves, our church, and our nation and to then strengthen our prayer lives. The personal stories are real and you personable. It makes us not seem so alone in our fallibility. Not only written very well, but what you are saying is very important.

Jill B.

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